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French authorities have allocated $9 billion for medical salaries

French authorities have allocated $9 billion for medical salaries

The country's leadership decided to thank health workers across France for their dedicated work during the pandemic.

The corresponding agreement on encouraging doctors was signed by French Prime Minister Jean Castex, health Minister Olivier Veran, and Trade Union leaders.

The allocated amount will be used to increase the salaries of employees of medical institutions throughout France.

This step of the government is very expected. After all, since the beginning of the pandemic, health workers have held more than one protest, demanding better working conditions. Their performances caused a heated debate in society.

The government pays back debts to those who risked their lives.

In April, the French government promised one-time payments to health workers-in gratitude for treating patients with COVID-19. The hospital staff was entitled to a $544 bonuses. And those who worked in the most dangerous “coronavirus” areas should have received $1634. However, this plan was not fully implemented at that time.

And now the country's leaders are trying to pay tribute to the medical workers who saved people at the risk of their lives.

On his Twitter page, Prime Minister Castex wrote that the French government has a clear goal in ensuring “better working conditions in all medical institutions.”

The allocation of funds for health workers followed a recent promise by the French government to Fund the country's aviation industry in the amount of $16.9 billion.

The boost to healthcare and other industries came after the French economy grew by three trillion dollars for the first time since February in June.

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