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In India, there was obtained an inheritance in the amount of $22 billion

The descendants of famous Indian Raja inherited the Padmanabhaswamy Temple, in the southern state of Kerala. This inheritance was awarded by the Supreme court of India. Earlier, this famous temple was discovered treasures-jewelry and gold, which are estimated at 22 billion dollars.

It is reported that the Supreme court overturned the decision made in 2011. According to the previous decision, the state authorities could exercise control over this temple. However, the faithful did not agree with this ruling, which led to unrest. The Kerala authorities were even forced to put armed guards at the temple.

Hindus have all these years insisted that the treasure belongs to the God Vishnu, and the government has no right to nationalize it. However, the descendants of the rulers of the Principality of Travancore disputed this decision and stressed that a Committee will be set up very soon to preserve all the treasures.

The descendants of the great Rajahs stressed that they do not intend to appropriate jewelry, and do not have rights to this wealth. The first mention of this unique temple dates back to the third century BC. In the 16th century, the temple was reconstructed. For many centuries, the wealthiest people in India brought jewelry to this temple as an offering to Vishnu.

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