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Biden says Trump's re-election as us President will unravel NATO

Former Vice President Joe Biden believes that President Donald Trump is pursuing a wrong policy towards Russia and can allow the collapse of NATO.

Joseph Biden during a televised debate called Trump an "eccentric, crazy" President.

Biden said Trump knows nothing about foreign policy, praises Russian President Putin and constantly criticizes American intelligence.

Russia is trying to influence and split NATO, and what is the President doing? He says: "I believe (Russian President) Vladimir Putin, I don't believe our intelligence, Biden said.

According to Biden, Trump also did not demonstrate that the US is ready to fulfill its obligations regarding a joint collective response from all NATO States to a military attack on one of them.

Note that Joseph Biden is one of trump's rivals in the future presidential race. In early October, he supported a proposal to impeach Trump.

In the US, a loud scandal continues: the Trump administration accuses the son of Joseph Biden-hunter of involvement in a large-scale corruption scheme in Ukraine during his work at the gas company "Burisma".

What is Biden accused of and why there was a scandal in the United States?

Since 2014, hunter Biden has been in the leadership of the controversial company "Burisma" Nikolai Zlochevsky. He is the son of Joe Biden – the main rival of us leader Donald Trump in the upcoming presidential election. "The Biden case" has already provoked a political crisis in the United States, and President Donald Trump is accused of putting pressure on the Ukrainian authorities.

In July, during a telephone conversation, trump allegedly promised Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky the Ukrainian scandal in the United States: for which they wrote a denunciation of trump, that relations between the countries would improve if Ukraine resumed the investigation of the gas company "Burisma". Because of the phone scandal, house speaker Nancy Pelosi announced the start of formal impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump.

On September 25, the White House released a transcript of Zelensky's conversation with Trump. Russian version of the scandalous conversation between Trump and Zelensky. She certifies that Donald Trump told Vladimir Zelensky that "it would be good" if he studied the Joe Biden case.

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