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The US may ease visa ban for foreign students

The administration of US President Donald Trump may change the decision made by the immigration and customs enforcement Service to ban the issuance of visas for foreign students who study online.

This was reported by the Wall Street Journal, citing sources. The publication's interlocutors claim that the new rules were harshly criticized by universities, foreign students themselves, companies operating in the field of high technology, and state authorities. Some of them suggested that the service might make changes before the law takes effect.

Authorities in 17 States and the Federal district of Columbia have already filed a lawsuit in a Boston court to block and then reverse the decision of the immigration control Service. The Harvard Institute and the University of Massachusetts asked the court to temporarily block the measure. Experts from Princeton University will attach their expert opinion to the lawsuit.

The immigration and customs enforcement service offered to deport from the country and not issue visas to foreign students who took a fully online course of study during the entire fall semester.

In total, about a million international students study in the United States.

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