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Parts of a Japanese rocket exploded in orbit — US air force

Part of the Japanese h-2A launch vehicle exploded in orbit on July 12, forming 53 fragments. Most likely, this is the upper stage of the rocket, which was located at an altitude of 592-614 kilometers.

This was announced on Twitter by the 18th space control squadron of the US air force.

Parts of a Japanese rocket exploded in orbit — US air force

“53 associated fragments are being tracked, there are no signs of a collision,” the military unit said in a published statement.

On a specialized US air force website space-track.org there is evidence that the mentioned rocket was launched on October 29, 2018. It successfully put several satellites into orbit.

The one-time two-stage medium-class h-IIA launch vehicle is designed to launch various satellites, including commercial ones. There were 27 successful and one emergency launch from the Japanese Tanegashima spaceport.

In early June, the US air force reported that the wreckage of the exploded upper stage of the “Frigate-SB” flew thousands of kilometers. In the catalog of space, objects were listed 65 of the wreckage.

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