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Looks like HIV: a new method of transmitting coronavirus has been identified

Recently, it became known that the coronavirus can be transmitted through the air, and now doctors have registered an intrauterine infection of the fetus for the first time.

According to the Guardian, the unusual phenomenon was reported in the Paris hospital named after Antoine Beckler.

The infected child was found in a 23-year-old woman who was hospitalized on March 23 with a high temperature and a strong cough. She tested positive for COVID-19.

After a few days, the fetus has detected signs of disease — complications, which is caused by an insufficient amount of oxygen. It was decided to perform a cesarean section, after which the baby was isolated in the neonatal intensive care unit and intubated.

However, the baby developed complications — a few days after birth, he developed brain inflammation, and a coronavirus was found in his blood and lung fluid.

“Unfortunately, in this case, there is no doubt about the ways of transmission of the virus,” the publication quotes the chief doctor of the Department of Pediatrics and neonatal intensive care, Daniel De Luca.

Tests confirmed that the infection of the fetus occurred after the virus entered the placenta from the mother's blood. It is worth noting that the human immunodeficiency virus is transmitted in a similar way.

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