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What is the problem faced by Prince Harry in the United States

According to an expert on the British Royal family Tom Quinn, after leaving his native Britain, Prince Harry faced an unpleasant problem. Living in the bosom of his family, the Prince fulfilled many of the duties that his high position imposed on him. However, now the husband of Meghan Markle does not know how to use their own potential in the US, reports the Daily Star.

“Harry feels a little lost. He feels in America the same feelings that Meghan felt here, “ explains the expert, who drew attention to a strange incident — Meghan and Harry now just changed positions.

After leaving for California, the couple planned to alternate between the US and the UK, but these plans were not fated to come true due to restrictive measures related to the pandemic. It is known that the wife of the British Prince wants to resume her professional activities as soon as possible, but what will Harry do in a foreign country remains a big question.

“What is its role? He can't just walk a Labrador for the rest of his life. He can't get a job at McDonald's or an investment Bank. So what will he do?».

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