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Slavery in England today! Time to sound the alarm

Britain is a country with a long history. Slavery was part of it, but it was officially abolished on August 1, 1838. However, this is not the end of its existence in this seemingly civilized country. Modern slavery is not a joke or an exaggeration. The British authorities are still struggling with this problem.

Most cases of slavery were recorded in the British city of Leicester. It is also one of the centers of the spread of the coronavirus. Both these facts are connected, but about everything in order.

In 2004, the police received a call — people were shouting: “Sinking! Water!” It turned out that more than 20 people died that night in Morecambe Bay. The Liverpool fishing company sent illegal immigrants from China to catch shellfish, promising to pay them 5 pounds for 25 kg.

The Bay is known for terrible currents, which people were not warned about, and they died. Previously, they could not complain about their employer because of threats and fear.

Since then, Britain has created the office to combat gang violence and labor violence. In 2015, a law against modern slavery was passed — the only such Law in the world, which speaks to the big problems with slavery in Britain.

Two weeks ago, Leicester was quarantined as the number of coronavirus patients there increased at a tremendous rate. Businesses where clothes are sewn — so-called sweatshops-have become a hotbed.

The owners did not want to lose money, because in the conditions of quarantine, stores were closed and people began to order clothes EN masses on the Internet. Businesses actively sewed orders, ignoring the labor code, coronavirus restrictions, and so on.

By the way, Leicester began to flourish in the XIX century due to the development of the textile industry there. Since then, working conditions have remained just as harsh. People work there for five euros an hour at an irregular schedule and do not receive money for sick days.

“Greed is what still makes slavery possible,” said Louise Gore, an employee of the Jericho Foundation.

This organization helps victims of slavery.

But it is very difficult to help everyone, and especially now. Even the former chief of the anti-slavery Division of the London police, Phil brewer, says this.

“The number of victims of modern slavery due to the coronavirus crisis may increase,” he believes.

Here it is — a democratic and tolerant Europe, where slavery and cruelty actually flourish. All the more surprising are the attempts of European politicians to teach others how to do it and how to do it correctly.

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