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Former US Minister spoke about Trump's idea to sell Puerto Rico

The idea of selling the island of Puerto Rico, which was damaged by a devastating hurricane, was expressed by US President Donald Trump in 2017, former head of the Department of homeland security Elaine Duke told the New York Times on July 11.

Elaine Duke served as the Secretary of homeland security in the Trump administration for four months in 2017. She is currently working as a consultant.

According to her, Trump at the beginning of his presidential rule approached the government from the position of a businessman. She said: “The President's Initial ideas were more of a businessman's ideas, you know.” For example, he asked: “Can we outsource electricity?”

In the situation after the 2017 hurricane, he even offered to get rid of the affected island of Puerto Rico. He then said: “Can we sell this island? Well, or lose this asset?» At the same time, Elaine Duke clarified that later the idea of selling the island was never considered by the President again.

In General, the former acting Minister evaluates trump's policy as “a philosophy of turning toward America.”

Elaine Duke also spoke about how Trump “can't trust” because of suspicions related to what “he calls the' deep state ' in government. This affected his ability to get advice from various groups of people.”

Recall that the island of Puerto Rico is a territory under the administration of the United States. At the same time, it has the status of a Freely associated state.

This status implies some restrictions on the operation of the US Constitution on the island. Puerto Rico also has its own system of self-government.

In 2017, the island was hit by a major hurricane, which killed 60 people. To deal with the consequences of the disaster, local authorities requested financial assistance from the US government. This caused a conflict between them.

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