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Kremlin Syrian plot: Putin and Erdogan decide to undermine US forces

The Middle East region is on the verge of a great war, everyone is playing his own game

The ongoing Turkish offensive with the support of the militants of the “Free Syrian Army” in northern Syria, in itself caused a lot of rumors. An emergency meeting of the UN Security Council was even convened, at which Russia and the United States did not allow Turkey to be convicted of conducting the counter-terrorism operation “Source of Peace”, which was a frank invasion of the territory of a neighboring state. The Turkish president Erdogan, having secured the support (at least non-interference) of Putin and Trump, went on the offensive on Syrian Kurdistan with the goal of creating a “security zone” there, which implies borders 500 kilometers wide and 30 kilometers deep.

It was quite obvious that Moscow and Washington openly “merged” the Kurds with whom they had previously tried to build relations. The United States withdrew its military contingent from this northeastern part of Syria, Russia simply did not object and use its military capabilities. Turkey in such a situation boldly went into battle. It seemed that the issue had been resolved — Ankara could realize its long-standing plans to control part of the Kurdish territories in Syria. With the likelihood of further progress in this direction. However, something went wrong — the Syrian government army has now advanced towards the Turkish troops. This was sensational news that could radically change the situation in the conflict zone.

It must be assumed that without agreement with Russia on such a step, Bashar Assad would hardly have decided. And, as Reuters quoted the Kurdish politician Ahmed Suleiman, a similar agreement was reached the day before at the Russian Khmeimim airbase. Now everything is completely incomprehensible in Syria. Who are friends with whom and against whom?

Turkey’s position is quite obvious — control over the adjacent territories of Syria, which Ankara sought for many decades. And now Recep Tayyip Erdogan says that Turkey will not abandon its plans, in spite of any economic sanctions or arms embargo from Western countries. That is, he does not care deeply about the opinion of the United States, and all the others at the same time. At the same time, Erdogan claims that he is not going to annex part of the territory of Syria, but only wants to clear it of the terrorists that Turkey considers Kurds and return the refugees who took refuge on its territory. It seems like a good goal. However, if we recall the events of two years ago, when on October 7, 2017, Turkey launched a military operation in the Syrian northwestern province of Idlib, then its result was the occupation of this territory by al-Qaeda jihadists *.

As the international observer of the Croatian publication Advance D. Maryanovic notes, “Turkey has never been interested in resolving the“ terrorist issue ” in Idlib. On the contrary, the Turks sought to prevent the liberation of Idlib, and now they want to prevent the Syrian army from reaching the north-east of the country. As soon as it became known that Trump could withdraw troops from Syria, Turkey began to concentrate troops and increase pressure. Recently, Trump apparently gave the Turks “green light” (or maybe only yellow), and the invasion began. “

With a high degree of probability it can be assumed that a situation similar to Idlib could now be repeated in Northern Kurdistan, where instead of Kurdish terrorists (which only Turkey considers them), al-Qaeda terrorists may appear. And then the Russian air forces, which support Assad’s government forces, will have to enter into armed conflict here. Including Turkey, with which friendly relations have now been established.

What can Russia itself plan in Syria now? It is quite obvious that Moscow gave the go-ahead to Ankara’s military operation. Actually, President Erdogan recently spoke out that he is in constant contact with Vladimir Putin and within 24 hours will solve the problems that have arisen with him. It can be assumed that Putin entered into such a conspiracy with Erdogan to weaken US influence in this region of Syria and to squeeze the American contingent somewhat, and ideally to facilitate its final withdrawal from the country. Moreover, it is completely incomprehensible then why the Syrian army has launched an offensive in the north-east of Syria, the purpose of which, as stated, is “to counter Turkish aggression”. The mention of a certain “meeting” at the Russian military base in Khmeimim indicates that such an action was agreed upon. And Putin could not be aware of this. It can be assumed that in this way he intends to somewhat cool the ardor of Erdogan and not allow him to advance the troops beyond the agreed thirty-kilometer zone.

Now, with the United States “dropping out of the game” in Syria, Russia, Iran, and Turkey remain “on the field”, which are likely to divide this territory into certain zones of their influence. At the same time, each of the parties here has its own interests and it is unlikely that they will be able to resolve the section of the “Syrian pie” peacefully. The current offensive by the Syrian government army confirms that the armed conflict will continue here and may drag on for several decades. Which side will Russia now be on? Will he be friends with Turkey or will continue to support, including military, President Bashar al-Assad?

The role of the United States in the region cannot be discounted. Although President Trump announced his readiness to withdraw troops from Syria (he announced this at the end of last year), he never did. It is already known that Democratic congressmen want to propose a resolution calling on Trump to cancel the decision to withdraw troops from northern Syria. Trump himself admits that he is strongly influenced by the military-political lobby, which also advocates the continuation of the military operation in Syria. All these actions take place under the slogan of all kinds of protection for the Kurds. It turns out that the United States will have to confront Turkey, which Trump personally opposes in every way and is limited only by threats and economic sanctions against Ankara.

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