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Scientists have learned to identify coronavirus by voice

Scientists have found that after coronavirus infection, the diversity of sound signals is significantly reduced.

MIT experts have found a new way to diagnose coronavirus by voice. The study appeared in the IEEE Open Journal of Engineering in Medicine and Biology.

In the article, scientists pointed out that a person’s speech and voice are largely dependent on the breathing apparatus, and if, for example, any problems arise with the lungs, this affects how the person speaks.

In the course of the study, scientists used celebrity voice recordings in which COVID-19 was found to be asymptomatic. For analysis, records were compared before infection and after it became known about infection.

The authors found that when infected with coronavirus, the diversity of sound signals is significantly reduced. It is noted that this reduction is manifested in the characteristics of the voice associated with breathing.

At the same time, scientists emphasize that these are only the first stages, and they used samples of the votes of only five people, and for further study of the issue, the study must be continued.

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