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Nuclear weapons and negotiations with the US: sister Kim Jong-un issued a statement

North Korea cannot yet denuclearize, but this does not mean that Pyongyang will never do so in the future. This is stated in a statement by the first Deputy head of the Department of the Central Committee of the Workers ' party of Korea and the younger sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, Kim Yo-Jong.

“Now we can not carry out denuclearization, but this does not mean that we will never do it,” she said.

Kim Yo-Jong also emphasized that the implementation of denuclearization requires various important steps taken by the United States in parallel with the actions of the DPRK itself.

She also said that a meeting of US leaders and the DPRK is necessary and beneficial only for the American side.

“It is obvious that the US summit is DPRK, and if anyone needs it, then the American side. But we should consider such an event (a meeting of the leaders of the two states) as completely unprofitable and useless (for Pyongyang),” she said.

According to her, the need for a summit will arise only if the United States “decisively changes its position.”

In addition, Kim Yo-Jong suggested that the US-DPRK summit would not take place this year, but did not completely rule out this possibility.

We note that amid rumors of either a serious illness or even the death of the leader of North Korea, Western media have come up with versions who can replace Kim Jong-un at the highest state post. Most often, the name of the younger sister Kim Jong-un — Kim Yo-Jong — appears in the media. Allegedly, it was, Kim Yo-Jong who recently appeared very often with Kim Jong Un, who could become the new leader of the North Korean people.

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