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Why Trump surrendered to Syria Putin?

Donald Trump withdrew American units from northeast Syria just before Recep Erdogan began his operation there against the US allies — the Kurds. Turkish troops are moving deep into Syria and intend to organize there a thirty-kilometer zone under their control. Almost all the world powers condemned Erdogan’s operation, but Trump only noticed that the Kurds, for example, didn’t help the States at all when landing in Normandy during World War II.

Hard Week for Donald Trump.

Donald Trump
, President of the United States: “We are emerging from endless wars. We should. Someone once had to make a decision. ”

In the view of the American president, everything is very simple: the Americans in Syria have nothing to do. Americans from the very beginning got there by mistake. The mistake was, of course, made by Barack Obama. It’s not handy to disentangle the 45th owner of the White House. He is not interested in this Syria, this Middle East, these Turks with their Kurds, Iraqis ... Trump does not like that the United States spends a lot of money on a pointless political rating war. But Europeans do not spend as usual and only rest on their laurels. Poorly. Bad

Donald Trump: “There are no mutual obligations with Europe. You know my favorite word is reciprocity. That is all I want. This is not a fair deal for the United States. And when President Obama contacted the Kurdistan Workers Party ... This is a difficult deal because the Kurds are Turkey’s sworn enemies. ”

When Turkish President Recep Erdogan called Donald Trump and asked to free the north of the Syrian Arab Republic, the leader of the free world agreed. Trump did not want this war back in December last year when he announced that he was withdrawing his troops from Syria. The Pentagon was horrified then and tried to dissuade the first person, but it wasn’t there. As a result, Secretary of Defense Mattis resigned, and US forces ... did not budge. It turned out that the president of America did not keep his word. Poorly. It has become terrible now, during the period of a fierce election campaign. So, the call of Recep Erdogan does not cause indignation in the Oval Office. On the contrary. Well, right there, an unexpected number of curses and criticisms pour on the head of the first person of the American state. They threw the Kurds, betrayed, the Turks will begin ethnic cleansing, Trump abandoning the fate of the allies — how now to trust the United States? What to do in such a situation? The owner of the White House takes on Twitter.

Donald Trump: “If Turkey dares to do something that in my great and incomparable wisdom I consider to be beyond, I will completely destroy and dust its economy (as I already did).”

“I am in my deep and incomparable wisdom.” Twitter will remember this phrase. This phrase, perhaps, we all remember. Because she is brilliant for her immediacy.

On Wednesday evening, Erdogan launched an operation in northern Syria, and, according to American military leaders, it turned out to be much larger than the declared one. Thousands of civilians flee, abandoning their homes. The EU condemns the actions of Turkey, demands to stop the operation. But in Ankara for a long time, they are not interested in the opinion of the EU.

Trump is rushing around at this time. He says that he requires a humane approach from the Turks, and in general, this attack is a “bad idea”. That suddenly recalls the landing of the Allies in Normandy.

Trump: “They [the Kurds] did not help us in World War II, they did not help us in Normandy, for example.”

What? In Normandy? Kurds? It would be interesting to look at the faces of employees of the State Department and the Pentagon when the head of the American state put forward such an argument. In general, according to Fox News, — I emphasize, the conservative Fox News — the US Department of Defense is in shock: during that same telephone conversation with Erdogan, Trump backtracked on the theses provided to him by the military leaders. Trump was warned of the consequences, but he gave the Turks a green light for an operation in Syria. How did it come about? Probably the same as with Zelensky. The US president speaks with some politician and allows himself an impromptu: Come on, I will allow Erdogan to do anything in this Syria. What am I doing with this? The main thing is to withdraw American soldiers from their war zones, earn electoral support in the pre-election period, take pictures with US troops who will return home to their wives and children. With military personnel whose life Donald Trump will actually save.

But the leaders of the beloved Fox are outraged. Kurds feel betrayed. And there is. Now they can easily leave their positions in northeastern Syria, where Kurdish formations control thousands of ISIS fighters. Imagine that terrorists are simply released into the wild.

Do you know who outplayed everyone? And it's not a joke.

Vladimir Putin, President of Russia: “In our opinion, the Syrian settlement can become a kind of model for resolving regional crises.”

Before the start of the operation, Erdogan consulted with Putin. Probably received a green light — as from Trump. Moscow officials say they will not intervene.

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