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The Louvre opened after the quarantine

After a 110-day quarantine, the glass pyramid of the Louvre — the gateway to the largest Museum in France and the world-opened for visitors. This is an important and symbolic event for culture, economy, and tourism.

The first day of work showed that the world's main museums will not soon return to the pre-crisis situation.

Last year the Louvre has promised to put the visitors in the electronic record. The scheme, which was tested at the Leonardo da Vinci exhibition, became mandatory for permanent exhibition after the quarantine. Tickets are ordered for a certain time — with a difference of half an hour. Depending on this, there are three queues at the glass pyramid in the Museum's front yard. Not the old endless ones, but not quite short and fast either. You will only be able to buy a ticket and enter immediately if not all the seats are sorted out in advance.

The Louvre is the most visited of the European art museums. Almost 10 million people come here every year.

In 2018 and 2019, its employees complained that, despite constant rebuilding and expansion, the super museum is still crowded with visitors. If only they knew what they were going to do this March.

“We expect at best 20-30% of normal summer attendance figures,” says Louvre Director Jean-Luc Martinez. He believes that for the year as a whole, the Louvre will receive only 20% of last year's number of visitors. This is understandable: most of them were tourists. There are no Americans, Chinese, or Brazilians, and no Russians. Until all of them return to Paris, the Museum will work primarily for Europeans.

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