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Europe and the US will create an immune passport system

Europe and the US will create an immune passport system

Western countries have started to create an “immune passport” system based on ELISA testing.

The idea is to test people for COVID-19 using the ELISA method, and give them so-called immune passports.

This document will indicate whether the person has had a coronavirus, and, accordingly, whether they have antibodies to COVID-19.

It is planned that the presence of an immune passport will remove the ban on its owner visiting places with a large crowd of people.

Estonia is already creating its own “immune passport” system. They have already launched online passports. To get a virtual passport, you just need to pass a COVID-19 antibody test and download the mobile app.

In addition to the EU countries, the idea is interested in the United States — there are already a number of hotels that accept tourists who have such an online passport.

Chile, meanwhile, is also creating an “immune passport” system. Only there the document will be called “certificate”.

ELISA testing for COVID-19 allows you to determine the presence of antibodies to the virus in a person. If IgG antibodies are detected, it means that the patient has already been ill. And if IgM means a person who is ill at the moment.

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