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Missing Seoul Mayor Park Won-sun found dead

Missing Seoul Mayor Park Won-sun found dead

Seoul Mayor Park Won-sun, whose daughter reported him missing earlier in the day, was found dead.

According to Seoul Ilbo, the body of the mayor of the capital of South Korea was found in a Park near Sungkyunkwan University the country's oldest University.

Also, the discovery of the dead man, citing sources, reports the Chinese TV channel CGTN.

At the same time, according to Yonhap, the police managed to catch the signal of Park Won-sun's mobile phone in one of the districts of Seoul, where the search was intensified.

The man is being searched by dog teams and drones. Up to 200 people take part in the search operation.

Recall that the disappearance of the 64-year-old mayor of Seoul on July 9 was reported by his daughter. According to her, in the morning, her father left a message that looked like a will and left the house. Now his cell phone is disconnected.

On this day, he was supposed to hold a meeting with the Chairman of the Commission for the balanced development of the state under President Kim Sa-El, but, citing ill health, did not go to work.

Park Won-sun has held the seat of Seoul's mayor since 2011 and is considered one of the likely candidates for the 2022 presidential election from the Liberal party.

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