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Satellite detected an active nuclear facility near Pyongyang

Experts say they have discovered a functioning nuclear facility in the DPRK

For the first time, the presence of a certain object in the vicinity of Pyongyang was established by scientists in 2015.

New satellite images indicate the presence of an unknown previously active nuclear facility in the vicinity of the capital of North Korea. This was reported by CNN on Wednesday, July 8, citing data from experts at the Institute of international studies, which operates at Middlebury College in Vermont.

CNN quotes experts who drew attention to signs typical of other North Korean nuclear facilities. So, experts noticed a protected area, underground premises, as well as structures designed to accommodate employees.

“According to experts, satellite images provided by the American company Planet Labs indicate that there is an active object in the village located in the vicinity of Pyongyang, presumably associated with the DPRK's nuclear program,” the TV channel said.

Earlier, the DPRK developed a strategy for nuclear deterrence, which includes “the use of strategic forces only if absolutely necessary.”

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