Venezuela shot down a US plane

Venezuela shot down a US plane

The strategic command of the armed forces of Venezuela (CEOFANB) decided to shoot down an American plane for violating the country's airspace, reports Free News.

CEOFANB reports that the Unified aerospace defense Command detected an aircraft with the US tail number in the country's airspace on the night of July 8 and neutralized it according to the law. This is stated in the message of the command, which was published on Twitter.

The air force of the Bolivarian Republic accompanied its message with images of a burning downed plane. The number N339AV is clearly visible on the keel. Information about the place, cargo, and crew is not provided. According to the Flightradar service, we are talking about a Hawker 800 ship. A small twin-engine aircraft belongs to a private person. The day before, it was performing a registered flight on the territory of Mexico.

Last year, US air force planes illegally crossed the borders of Venezuela 78 times. According to the country's Minister of communications and information, Jorge Rodriguez, the invasion was carried out not by planes with humanitarian aid, but by military aircraft. American planes collected information about the state of the state structures of the Bolivarian Republic, the Minister said. In addition, by entering Venezuelan airspace, these aircraft created a danger to other aircraft.

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The picture of the jet engine in the park is from the Ukrainian passenger jet en route to Kiev shot down by Iran

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