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Sanctions on Syria: the US will increase duties on steel from Turkey to 50%

Why Trump went for economic measures, told the White House

Photo: AFP

US President Donald Trump imposed sanctions against the Turkish Ministry of Defense and Ministry of Energy, as well as three officials of this country. At the same time, as a senior official of the US presidential administration said, Trump also decided to increase steel tariffs for Turkey by 50%.

“Steel tariffs will be increased back to 50%. And the United States will also immediately cease negotiations led by Secretary of State Wilbur Ross, who visited Turkey last month, regarding a $100 billion trade deal,” a White House official said during a telephone briefing.

Earlier, Trump signed an executive decree imposing sanctions on the Turkish ministries of defense and energy. In addition, Turkish Minister of Defense Hulusi Ankara, Interior Minister Suleiman Soilu and Minister of Energy Fatih Donmez are included in the sanctions lists.

“Given Turkey’s current economic weaknesses, today's actions are serious and aim to focus Turkey’s attention on the seriousness of the situation in northeast Syria. But we remain committed to reaching a negotiated settlement, which is why the president instructed the high-ranking delegation as much as possible rather, go to Ankara to see what we can, “the representative of the White House added.

Recall, Washington imposes sanctions against Ankara because of the large-scale military operation of Turkey in northern Syria. Operation Source of Peace began on October 9th. In addition to the Turkish armed forces, the Syrian National Army, supported by Ankara, is also involved in this operation.

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