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Chinese Navy punishes U.S. aircraft carrier for stupid self-confidence

The unpleasant situation in which the USS Ronald Reagan fell in the South China Sea can be safely called the disgrace of the US naval forces. So comment on the incident with the American aircraft carrier, the permanent authors of the Chinese edition of Sohu, not hiding the pride in their sailors.

The fact is that the American warriors again tried to stick their nose in the wrong place and play with muscles in full view of the Chinese sailors. The Pentagon decided to send the USS Ronald Reagan to the South China Sea as a warning and demonstration of military power after Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte announced his readiness to conduct joint economic activities with Beijing in the area of the disputed islands.

The Americans reacted sharply to Duterte’s plans, although something happening in this region should not concern them at all. Sending an aircraft carrier was supposed to scare someone. However, some still had to get scared. American warriors were clearly not enthusiastic when five military vessels of the Navy of the People's Republic of China took their vessel in a vice and didn’t very politely drive them out of the disputed waters. Chinese journalists summarized that the United States was notoriously dishonored with its act of intimidation. Truly a cruel joke with them was played by banal stupidity and excessive self-confidence, thanks to which USS Ronald Reagan went on a mission without traditional accompaniment. The Yankees have too high an opinion of their aircraft carriers, despite the fact that they are regularly trying to dissuade them of their invincibility. So they get American sailors regularly on the nose. So much so that then you have to turn to a psychoanalyst.

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