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WTO endorses America's record sanctions against EU

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Sanctions imposed on receiving illegal Airbus subsidies

US sanctions imposed in connection with obtaining illegal subsidies Airbus. Sanctions in the amount of $7.5 billion will enter into force on October 18.

The World Trade Organization has officially approved the US decision to impose large-scale trade sanctions on goods from the European Union due to the receipt of illegal subsidies by the European aircraft manufacturing concern Airbus. The relevant resolution was adopted by the WTO dispute settlement body on Monday, October 14, in Geneva.

This ruling was a simple formality, as the WTO arbitration made a similar decision on October 2. In order to block it, it was necessary that it be rejected by all countries that participated in a meeting of the WTO dispute settlement body on October 14, including the United States itself.

Sanctions for a record amount

The United States imposes sanctions on European goods for a record amount of $7.5 billion. The WTO Arbitration has determined that the EU and its members Great Britain, France, Germany, and Spain have not canceled the illegal subsidies for Airbus, which hindered the sale of products to its American competitor Boeing.

US Presidential Administration Donald Trump plans to introduce these sanctions on October 18.

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