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In Europe, outraged by US sanctions over Nord Stream 2

In Europe, outraged by US sanctions over Nord Stream 2

MEPs were outraged by US sanctions that America imposed because of the construction of Nord Stream-2 against companies associated with a large-scale project.

The European Parliament regarded this as the desire of the United States to slow down the launch of the gas pipeline and the U.S. desire to indicate to the EU countries that they are obliged to please the Americans in everything. The deputies of the European Parliament said that in Europe they would dispense with the orders of the USA and would decide for themselves what to build and what to pursue.

Bernard Zimniok, a member of the European Parliament from Germany, said that the US is apparently not interested in the independence of Europe (and Germany in particular), which the new gas pipeline will provide since they are doing everything to put sticks in the wheels. However, this does not mean that EU countries should follow the lead of the United States — America has its own interests and it puts pressure on Europe to achieve its goals — to make it dependent on its resources.

Europe is doing the right thing, doing as it pleases. EU countries are not puppets of the United States, so Americans may not even hope for it. It will not be possible to intimidate the EU with sanctions.

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