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Trump PR managers criticized for a video where he “shoots” opponents

The company did not appreciate the creativity of the team of the current president of the United States and requires a formal apology.

In the United States, a scandal erupts around a video in which President Donald Trump sets up a real massacre in a church called Fake News. The clip is one of the bloodiest fragments of the action movie “Kingsman: Secret Service”, only the faces of the acting heroes have been changed. In particular, instead of Colin Firth, the owner of the White House is taken for weapons, and his many political opponents and the logos of the unfriendly media become “victims”.

In the full version of the video, there is an episode in which a person with Trump's headsets fire to the head of Bernie Sanders, his likely rival in the upcoming presidential election. In addition, ex-US President Barack Obama, as well as the Clinton couple, “received” the pool.

According to the New York Times, the scandalous video was edited by President Trump’s PR team specifically for the conference of his supporters in Miami. The American press, especially under the “shooting”, took the movie literally with horror. In particular, CNN recalls that this is not the first video in which Trump supporters propagate violence.

Journalists demand that the president and his family, as well as the White House and the Trump administration, immediately condemn such actions and apologize to the public.

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