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Thousands of bikers took part in protests in Germany

Thousands of bikers took part in protests in Germany

Bikers can be banned from driving on Sundays and holidays due to noise. Thousands of people disagree, including the German transport Minister.

Across Germany, thousands of bikers staged protests on Saturday, July 4. They are opposed to banning driving on Sundays and public holidays. The German Bundesrat supported such a ban in May. The goal of the initiative is to reduce the amount of noise in localities. It is assumed that the city authorities will decide on the ban themselves.

The largest demonstration took place in Stuttgart, where about 10 thousand bikers gathered. 7,500 motorcyclists came to protest in Wiesbaden. It is noted that the initiators of the actions did not expect such an active protest of bikers.

So, in a small German Friedrichshafen, about a thousand people were waiting, and about 5 thousand arrived. In some cities, this led to significant traffic jams. In Munich, the police banned a large demonstration of bikers, but about 6 thousand people rode around the city.

German transport Minister Andreas Scheuer also opposes the ban on the movement of motorcycles on Sundays and weekends. He said that local authorities can already take measures to protect against noise, for example, restrict travel on some streets, so new bans are not necessary.

Earlier, thousands of people protested in the center of Greek Athens, demanding that the bill allowing the government to regulate demonstrations be rejected.

It was also reported that the authorities of Austria and Turkey called the ambassadors because of the clashes in Vienna.

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