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Jovanovic: Trump put pressure on the State Department to fire me

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Jovanovic says Trump crushed for a year because of her, and unexpectedly fired her

The president has been putting pressure on officials for nearly a year to get her out of office, Jovanovic claims.

Former U.S. ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch at a Congressional hearing said President Donald Trump was putting pressure on the State Department to get her fired. It is reported by Associated Press.

According to Jovanovic, she was unexpectedly recalled on May 2019, and she was told that the president had lost confidence in her.

She also said that “there was a deliberate campaign against her” and that Trump had been putting pressure on officials for almost a year to get her out of office. AR has at its disposal the text of the statement of Jovanovic, which she read at the beginning of the hearing.

“Although I understand that I served by the will of the president, despite this, I could not believe that the US government could decide to recall the ambassador on the basis of, as far as I know, unfounded and false statements by people with questionable motives.” , — noted in her statement.

Jovanovic spoke on Friday to three committees of the US House of Representatives: Foreign Affairs, Intelligence, and Oversight.

Earlier media reported that Jovanovic was removed from office after she began to insist that the requests of Trump lawyer Rudi Giuliani to conduct investigations in Ukraine should be transmitted through official channels.

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