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In Dubai will build “their own Europe”

Dubai continues to be actively built up. Now tourists will not be surprised by huge skyscrapers or man-made sandy beaches. The plans of the local government include the construction of “our own Europe.” It will be located on 6 small islands. Despite the coronavirus, the opening of the first of them is planned at the end of 2020. And the total cost of the project amounted to more than 5 billion dollars. We will tell below what this miniature Europe in Dubai represents.

1. Floating villas

A separate island will not become the personification of any country. Its highlight is the villas with rooms located underwater. At the same time, the walls and floors are partially made of transparent glass, so that guests can watch the inhabitants of the underwater world from the windows of their bathtub or jacuzzi. The island is located right on the coral reef, so the view will definitely be unforgettable.

2. Island of Germany

This island is built in the shape of a horseshoe, in the center of which is the azure blue lagoon. It focuses on family tourism. Guests can take a stroll in the tropical garden or relax on the sandy beach. The island will host traditional German carnivals, Christmas markets, and the famous Oktoberfest.

3. Sweden

The creators of this island were inspired by the Scandinavian Viking ships. Several luxurious palaces with glass roofs were built on its territory. Their total cost is $27 million. The restaurants of the palaces will serve Swedish cuisine, including meatballs and the famous sour herring.

4. Youth Island

This is a unique man-made island, built in the shape of a heart. Designers were inspired by the Maldives. On all sides, it is surrounded by floating villas. Each of them will cost about 5 million dollars.

5. Floating Venice

Miniature man-made Venice will occupy a separate island. This is the world's first underwater resort with restaurants and hotels located underwater.

All will have glass walls and floors, so guests can enjoy coral reefs. The island will be cut through and miniature canals on which it will be possible to ride on gondolas. In Venice, a local carnival and opera performances are planned.

6. Island of Switzerland

On this island will be built separate villas with views of the boundless sea. Each of them will have its own pool and access to the beach. All villas will be built of wood, stone, and glass. The huge lagoon in the center of the island will remind you of the Swiss lakes.

7. The heart of Europe

This is the main island of the entire man-made archipelago. It is planned to open 4 boutique hotels here — Monaco, Nice, Cannes, and St. Tropez.

They will accommodate suites with panoramic sea views. The hotel of the same name will build an exact copy of the famous marina in Monaco.

8. Hotel Portofino

On a separate island will be a luxury hotel named after the resort of Portofino. It is planned to build a separate marina, an Olympic-sized pool, and 514 aquariums here. The atmosphere on site will be as close as possible to the Italian spirit of this Portofino.

The island will be decorated with terracotta buildings. The hotel rooms will be decorated in Italian style. A huge hanging garden with 31 thousand plants will be placed on the facade of the main building. It is planned to build a snow play area at the resort, where everyone will sculpt snowmen at any time of the year.

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