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Germany and Spain refuse coal

Germany and Spain refuse coal

Germany will completely abandon coal in the energy sector by 2038. Spain has already closed half of its coal-fired power plants.

The German parliament on Friday, July 3, passed a bill to withdraw from coal power by 2038. According to data on the Bundestag website, the decision was supported by 314 deputies, 237 opposed.

A bill has also been passed on a package of financial assistance measures for the regions in which coal mining enterprises are closing. The number of payments will be 40 billion euros by 2038. Operators of coal-fired power plants will receive compensation for the premature closure of enterprises.

Peter Altmayer, Minister of Economy and Energy of the country, called the abandonment of coal “a historical project of generations.” He noted that the era of the coal industry in Germany is “irrevocably leaving.”

At the moment, only open-cast brown coal mining remains in Germany — in quarries and opencast mines. The last mine closed in December 2018.

At the same time, the publication El Pais writes that Spain at the end of June, 7 out of 15 coal-fired power plants stopped working. Four more stations are being prepared for closure in 2021-2022.

A few years ago, all these coal-fired power plants were responsible for 15% of all greenhouse gas emissions in Spain, providing 15% of electricity needs in 2018. As of May 2020, the share of electricity from coal-fired power plants decreased to 1.4%.

The publication notes that these steps are due not so much to the policies of the Spanish government as the market situation and EU requirements.

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