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World COVID record. Why the United States is not coping?

World COVID record. Why the United States is not coping?

The United States reported more than 55,000 new cases of COVID-19 per day, the new daily global record for the coronavirus pandemic.

The United States continues to suffer the most from the coronavirus pandemic and to update global infection records.

According to Johns Hopkins University, a total of 2.74 million people have been infected with the coronavirus in the United States, nearly 129,000 have died.

Donald Trump connects the increase in the incidence in the United States with an increase in the number of tests done.

But epidemiologists are sounding the alarm, in their opinion, everything is much worse.

Growth everywhere

Coronavirus cases are on the rise in 37 of the 50 US states, including Florida, which confirmed more than 10,000 new cases on Thursday, July 2. In California, another epicenter, positive results were up 37%, and hospitalizations were up 56% over the past two weeks.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott, a Republican who had previously refused calls to make face masks mandatory, ordered them to be worn in all counties with more than 20 cases of coronavirus. Texas reported nearly 8,000 new cases on July 2.

A wave of new cases forced several governors to suspend plans to open their states after months of strict quarantine, closing beaches, and canceling fireworks over the coming weekend for Independence Day.

If in the spring the eastern coast of the United States suffered the most from the coronavirus, now its wave has covered the southern states. A particularly alarming situation has developed, according to The Washington Post, in Arizona, Arkansas, California, North, and South Carolina, as well as in Tennessee, Florida, and Texas. Seven states currently have more COVID-19 patients in hospitals than ever for the entire pandemic.

But US President Donald Trump has his simple explanation:

“The number of coronavirus cases is growing because our testing is so massive and so good, much bigger and better than in any other country. This is great news, but the even better news is that deaths and mortality rates are declining.”

In New York put masks on the monuments

What do the doctors say?

Health experts point out that the increase in the number of infected people can be attributed to the relaxation of quarantine restrictions on Memorial Day, which this year was celebrated on May 31. Many states made it in time for the holiday, which in the US traditionally marks the beginning of summer and the holiday season.

Now you have to pay for it. In Arizona, only a few free hospital beds are available again. In the intensive care units in this southern state, only 12% of the total remained. A similar situation in Florida. And especially dramatic events are developing in Texas.

Bars, restaurants, movie theaters, shopping, and entertainment centers resumed operations in Texas after quitting quarantine relatively early. The measures taken by the governor now bring the situation back. Bars and restaurants, which profit mainly from the sale of alcohol, are forced to close again for guests, but they can still deal with order delivery and takeaway drinks.

Companies that provide water sports opportunities, especially those that are popular in the hot Texas summer, must stop selling tours and renting out equipment. Thus, Texas became the first state to take a step backward during the implementation of the four-step exit plan. It is possible that his example will be followed in other parts of the country if the situation with the spread of coronavirus worsens there.

“The current incidence rate shows that what we are doing is not working,” commented Shelley Payne, director of the LaMontagne Infectious Diseases Center at the University of Texas at Austin for DW. “If we leave stores open, we should think about ways to ensure safety.” every customer. “

According to Payne, people are tired of restrictions, and “if you don't know anyone who had COVID-19, it's easy to forget that they are dying of this disease.” The scientist believes that those in leadership positions here can “help by making clear, consistent statements about existing risks, as well as establishing rules and, if necessary, introducing restrictions.”

But this is precisely the problem today in the United States. Critics of President Donald Trump claim that he and the Republican governors for a long time did not take the coronavirus seriously enough and later quarantined. Then, fearing negative consequences for the economy, the restrictions were removed too early or they were not strictly enforced. And now they are playing down the danger of a new outbreak of the coronavirus infection epidemic.

Experts dispute Trump's thesis that an increase in the number of tests is the only reason for the resumption of an increase in the incidence of COVID-19. “After we started testing people who do not have symptoms, we really detected more infections. But the latter is not only related to the number of tests,” said Shelley Payne.

The rate of increase in the number of infected people has increased, there are more people who were supposed to go to the hospital — all this indicates an increasing scale of the disease, Payne emphasizes. For example, in April and May, about 10 people were hospitalized daily in April and May because of COVID-19, and more than 40 last week.

Trump is changing

Amid the spread of the infection, Donald Trump also changed his mind about medical masks. He previously considered them useless, but now said that he supported this remedy, although he emphasized that it was not mandatory.

“I am for the masks completely,” Trump said on Wednesday at Fox Business Network.

In answer to the question of whether he would wear a mask or not, the president replied: “If I were in a difficult situation with people, then yes, of course.” Trump also said that he even “likes” the way he looks in the mask, and joked that she makes him look like the Lone Ranger, a character in American Westerns who fights criminals.

U.S. chief epidemiologist Anthony Fauci warned that if no deterrence mechanism is urgently found, the epidemic will become catastrophic.

Comparing the measures taken in the USA and in Europe, he noted that many European countries entered the lockdown by an average of 97%, and in the USA by only 50%, which led to the further spread of the virus. In his opinion, many in the United States, especially young people, lack social responsibility.

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