In the USA, they told what awaits Russia if it strikes on Ukraine from the Crimea

In the USA, they told what awaits Russia if it strikes on Ukraine from the Crimea

The United States of America does not exclude the possibility of a Russian strike on Ukraine from the Crimean direction or from the sea, so we are ready to react and impose tough sanctions against Moscow.

This was told in an interview with the site by the former US Ambassador to Ukraine William Taylor.

According to him, America a year ago suggested that there could be armed aggression from the occupied Crimea or the Sea of Azov and the Black Sea. Therefore, the Americans are ready at any time to punish Russia with the most severe sanctions.

So far this has not happened. But we must be prepared and ready to respond. The first to be ready is Ukraine, but also the international community, including the United States, who must be prepared to support Ukraine and introduce the most severe sanctions against Russia that it has ever seen. Such severe sanctions that have not been imposed are now on standby. But they can be applied. But even those sanctions that are in force now hit Russia. And if they went to invade Ukraine or any other country, I am convinced that the international community, I hope, led by the United States, supporting Europe and other democracies around the world, will impose tougher sanctions against Russia, which will further undermine their economy. Therefore, I think we should not be surprised at the possible invasion of the Russian Federation, we should be prepared to act and introduce these sanctions. But I hope that this does not happen, “said Taylor.

When asked what sanctions this could be and if one could expect, for example, disconnection from the SWIFT, oil embargo, the diplomat cited other countries as an example: “You mentioned two types of very severe sanctions. They were imposed against other countries and had a very negative impact on their economics. “

“For example, against Iran, which, under the pressure of these sanctions, started negotiations. Therefore, these sanctions are painful and effective. And even more effective if introduced by the entire international community, especially Americans and Europeans, then Canadians, Australians, and Japanese,” he summed up.

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