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Dude and Bouncer: Hillary Clinton spoke harshly about Boris Johnson

Former US Secretary of State compares the British Prime Minister to Donald Trump

Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called the current British Prime Minister Boris Johnson a dude, noting that she is worried about the United Kingdom with such a man at the head of the country. She stated this in an interview with The Sunday Times.

“I thought he was a dude,” she said, recalling how she met Johnson when he was mayor of London (2008-2016).

In addition, Clinton compared him to Donald Trump, whom she knew long before his election as US President.

“I knew Trump, and then I thought the same thing — that this is a bouncer and a noisy person,” Clinton said.

Answering the question that Johnson is positioning himself as a fighter for Brexit, Clinton said: “Well, then I'm afraid for your country. If someone tells someone else but himself that he is a hero, then I’m really concerned about it. “

Recall that Boris Johnson plans next Saturday to invite the House of Commons to make a choice between deferring Brexit and a deal with the European Union.

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