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British Supreme Court recognized Guaido President of Venezuela

The British government unequivocally recognizes the opposition leader Juan Guaido as the president of Venezuela — this is what the British Supreme Court decided in a lawsuit between the parties to the Venezuelan internal conflict about the ownership of more than $930 million in gold bars lying in the Bank of England. It is reported by Evening Express.

“Her Majesty’s government recognizes Mr. Guaido as the legitimate president of Venezuela, and, as a result, does not recognize Mr. Maduro as the legitimate president,” the judge quoted Nigel Tyr as saying.

The dispute arose because the Central Bank of Venezuela BCV was going to transfer gold from an English bank to the accounts of the UN development program and thus spend it on medical goods and food for the population during the coronavirus crisis. The transfer, however, was stopped: the governing council of the bank, specially created by Guaido, declared its right to dispose of gold.

The British court sided with the opposition: according to the judge, the pro-government governing council “can find a warmer reception in countries whose authorities have taken a different position regarding the legitimacy of Mr. Maduro, while in England their requests are doomed.”

Earlier, President Nicolas Maduro decided to expel the EU representative from Venezuela. He demanded respect from Europe and also called its policy colonial.

This was a response to the fact that the European Union included 11 officials and parliamentarians of Venezuela in the sanctions list. This action was explained by the punishment for opposing the opposition, led by Juan Guaido and “undermining democracy” in the country. They are forbidden to enter the territory of the association, and their accounts in European banks will be frozen.

At the end of April 2019, Guaido called on the military and the people of the country to overthrow Maduro. He stated that the army sided with him, and called what was happening “the final phase of Operation Freedom.” The next day, Maduro declared his victory over the opposition forces. Russia supported the incumbent president, the United States recognized the legitimacy of Guaido.

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