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Trump's niece wrote memoirs about him: the book was banned in the US

Trump's niece wrote memoirs about him: the book was banned in the US

In the United States, which previously published memoirs of ex-adviser to US President John Bolton, another book criticizing Donald Trump was banned.

According to CNN, the book “Too Much and Always Not Enough” was written by the niece of the head of the White House and certified psychologist Mary Trump.

A ban on publishing the publication was issued by the New York State Supreme Court, which approved on June 30 the request of President Robert Trump's younger brother, who accused the relative of violating the confidentiality agreement regarding the property of President Fred Trump's father.

Lawyer Mary Trump has already stated that the judge’s decision violates the First Amendment to the US Constitution — on freedom of speech — and promised to “appeal immediately.”

“This book, which sets out issues of great concern to the public and of importance in relation to the incumbent president in the election year, should not be postponed even for one day,” the lawyer said.

Simon & Schuster, which announced the presentation of the book on June 28, has already announced: “extreme economic damage” that the company will postpone posting. The publishing house has already printed about 75 thousand copies of the book.

According to the annotation on the publisher’s website, the author covers the dark history of the Trump family “to explain how her uncle became a man who now poses a threat to the health, economic security, and social structure of the world.”

“She explains how specific events and family patterns created the spoiled person who now occupies the Oval Office, including the bizarre and toxic relationship between Fred Trump and his two elder sons, Fred Jr., and Donald,” says the Simon & Schuster website.

It is curious that Trump's niece several years ago she acted as an anonymous source for a journalistic investigation into the president’s evasion of millions of taxes, the authors of which received the Pulitzer Prize in 2019.

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