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The biggest threat to the US is neither Russia nor China...

CNN: Senior US officials, including former Trump secretaries of state, two national security advisers, and his oldest chief of staff, have concluded that Trump himself poses a threat to the national security of the United States.

In this connection, I want to “give out military secrets.” In fact, the biggest threat to the United States is the United States itself. Which, instead of starting to finally rake their own Augean stables against the background of the very difficult current situation, continue to blow all their steam into the foreign policy whistle.

In fact, it was obvious that after the failure of numerous attempts to make Trump a “Russian spy”, accuse him of high treason and initiate impeachment, on the eve of the elections, the Democrats will necessarily pull something out of their sleeves. But, gentlemen, the story of the Taliban, which allegedly killed a coalition soldier from Russia, is, to put it mildly, very primitive.

Of course, I understand that a certain number of US citizens still believe that the American contingent is such “doves of the world” that carry weapons, in their hands and with love in their hearts, that’s rational, kind, eternal to where According to the next US president, there is an acute lack of democracy.

At the same time, discussing the current scandal, and presenting the stuffing from NYT as an empirical fact, no one even thinks a bit about the fact that if the U.S. troops did their duty within their own country, many of them would remain alive. Not because it would save them from the ubiquitous and very long “Kremlin arm”, but because, aggressively invading someone else’s house without an invitation, you will almost certainly encounter resistance from the owners.

But since Americans have been inspired for decades by the mantra of their exclusive right to be almost the viceroy of God on earth, for them understanding the reasons for the resistance of their insolent activity in almost all corners of the planet is simply unavailable.

Therefore, completely giving a damn about the reason, they furiously discuss the consequences, habitually shifting from a sick head to a healthy one.

“Putin paid the Taliban for every killed coalition soldier!” — says the newly-made training manual, based only on the fantasies of NYT.

But does the US actively and officially sponsor the genocide of the civilian population of Donbas to bother anyone? Or is it another?

Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya, Syria. When mentioning these countries, you don’t get anywhere? Not? However, the problems of the Sheriff Indians have not worried about a long time.

Like, in fact, the life of their own soldiers, shedding tears for the untimely death of which they begin only when it is beneficial.

And yet, I can’t help but ask those who are now rolling a barrel to Russia and accusing Trump of high treason: when you send your soldiers to sow your democracy where you were not called, you really believe that you will be met with flowers and applause? And do you really believe that it is the Russians who are responsible for the fact that your military personnel becomes a target of hunting for those who consider you to be invaders? Really? Or are you fooling around?

What about just stopping interfering in other people's internal affairs and tackling your own? Moreover, right now America needs protection as never before. Moreover, not from an external enemy, but entirely from internal arsonists.

However, it is unprofitable for Trump’s opponents. Indeed, it is precisely due to the internal agenda, as well as the demonization of Russia, that they are trying to sanitize the electorate’s brain and, speculating on a perverted sense of patriotism, take away votes from the opponent.

At the same time, none of those who are now lamenting for the American heroes killed for “Russian money” will even mention that the best guarantee of saving their lives is their withdrawal from burning places. Although it would seem that it could be simpler and more humane?

But there is a nuance. Some want to become great solely at the expense of others. And this, for example, more than explains the “tender friendship” of the same Biden with Poroshenko.

Remember the sacramental: “against whom are we friends, girls?”

Here is the very case.

The classic search for an external enemy, under the auspices of the struggle with which it is possible to at least temporarily rally a country torn by internal contradictions.

But, apparently, on the other side of the Atlantic, everything that is happening there is poorly visible.

Therefore, some New World residents continue to sacredly believe that only sanctions against Russia will make America great again. And they will help them to compensate for all the humiliations that they experience from the side of the completely unbelted black people, with impunity and aggressively proving who is now the true owner in the American house.

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