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iPhone 12 hit the video

iPhone 12 hit the video

Four smartphones of the iPhone 12 series hit the video. Information about future devices was shared by a YouTube blogger under the nickname iupdate.

The blogger said that he received realistic layouts of the new flagships of Apple, which can be used to evaluate the design features of the series. According to him, the youngest model of the iPhone 12 will have a 5.4-inch screen, 12 Pro will be released in two versions with a 6.1-inch display. The older model of the iPhone 12 Pro Max line will receive a front panel with a 6.7-inch diagonal.

The author noted that all four devices will have a design similar to the iPhone 4 and iPad Pro. For example, the front and back panels and the side frames of devices caught in the video will be flatter than in the current generation. The blogger also drew attention to the fact that all new smartphones will receive an OLED screen and support for work in fifth-generation networks.

In conclusion, the blogger noted that the 5.4-inch iPhone case will be actually smaller than the iPhone SE 2 case, although the latter has a smaller display. This is due to the fact that the iPhone 12 will receive a frameless design that differs from the appearance of the SE in the absence of horizontal frames and the Home button.

Earlier, insider Sonny Dickson posted on the network layouts of future Apple smartphones. Published images have confirmed rumors that the iPhone 12 series devices will have a case with right angles and a design reminiscent of the iPhone 4.

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