Stefano Vaccarono’s tips for a “new renaissance” in a real estate industry

⁃ Mr. Stefano Vaccarono, you are so optimistic believing in a “New Renaissance” about real estate...

⁃ What means “YES”?
Means YES, I believe.

⁃ Can you be more eloquent and less hermetic?
I’m not hermetic, just trying to answer your question precisely.

⁃ OK ... why do you use such a term “New Renaissance”?
Because after this “dark period”, like a “middle ages” economically and emotionally speaking, real estate will have a Renaissance in terms of interests and a safe investment.

⁃ Mr. Stefano Vaccarono Can you explain better?
People heard that governments help owns economies with tons of billions and in the common imagination, everyone remembers Venezuela’s citizens dress colorful colliers of local currency and ... are scared take place, and force investors to fall in love, again, to the surest and most solid assets ever: Real estate !!!

⁃ You seem so sure of your way to interpreting the needs & sentiments of investors ...
I don’t, it’s logical!

⁃ A Lot of analysts say that usually, emotions drive investor’s choices and not logic ...
In a very short period maybe, but not in the medium-term. Sociology experts predict increases in a real estate market in terms of prices and number of transactions ... a “euphoric real estate market”, rides from hordes of investors seeking security and stability.

⁃ Why do you take the advice from Sociologists so seriously Mr. Stefano Vaccarono speaking about investments?
Because Sociology experts study comportment of masses during ancient and modern times, and everyone knows that we need these case studies, for planning a better future ... and history gives it to us.

⁃ What type of real estate?

⁃ Why?
Why not?

- Are you kid me?
No, Not at all ... just annoying you

⁃ Why?
⁃ I’m boring

⁃ Boring?
Yes, investing it’s a thrilling matter

⁃ Thrill?
Yes, Thrill as strong and powerful feeling ... emotions take important place during decision-making, plan, and choice investment.

⁃ And?
And your way to drive this interview make it look boring matters.

⁃ Do you mean then I’m not good to take the interest and attention of readers?
I will answer with a question ... do you want me sincere?

⁃ Sure ... Yes, I do
Your questions can bring exciting or boring this interview ... my answers too!

⁃ Positively speaking I’ll take your criticisms as a booster for entertain or rather, interest readers.
Thank you!

⁃ OK, there’s a specific area to invest in real estate Mr. Stefano Vaccarono in the next weeks?

⁃ Now you became enigmatic and not hermetic ...
Sorry, but You don’t guess alone?

⁃ No, not at all !!!
Monte-Carlo, of course ...

⁃ Why Monte-Carlo (of course)?
Because my offices are there !!!

⁃ No comment Mr. Stefano Vaccarono
I’m just trying to entertain our readers, like a piece of comedy, I don’t want to embarrass you. My way to deal it’s a mix of competence, professionalism, hard work ... AND, simply hilarious moments ... never take life too seriously.

⁃ Seriously speaking Mr. Stefano Vaccarono, why Monte-Carlo?
First of all, it’s the safest place to live in the world for people.

Secondly, here are located the most exceptional hospitals and clinics that are easily reached in case of emergency. It plays a significant difference to be alive or dead.

Thirdly, Monte-Carlo offers a unique tax planning for residents with no income tax, no property tax, no successions fees, etc, etc

Fourthly, it’s an absolutely exciting environment with 139 different nationalities for only 39K residents.

Fifth, sunny days 320 days a year accompanied by a limpid sea.

Sixth, the mythical lifestyle

Seventh, a strategic place in the middle of Europe. The airport with more than 100 planes per day reached in 25 minutes by car and 6 minutes by helicopter ... and much more!

⁃ Wow, what great advertising for Monaco Mr. Stefano Vaccarono ... have they paid you?
No, but in a certain way yes! All those exceptional benefits boost the Real Estate market every year from 10 to 12% from 1970. What else?

⁃ Finishing this interview, would you like to add something?
My favorite motto: Don’t believe me, just try!

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