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Trump cited intelligence findings of Russia's” collusion “ with the Taliban against the U.S.

Trump cited intelligence findings of Russia's” collusion “ with the Taliban against the U.S.

The intelligence service considered that information about the reward offered by Russia for the murder of American soldiers in Afghanistan is not trustworthy, the US President said. He called the NYT article an attempt to “cast Republicans in a bad light”.

The US intelligence services have found inaccurate data that the Russian side offered Taliban fighters a reward for the murder of American soldiers in Afghanistan. President Donald Trump wrote about this on Twitter.

“The intelligence community just told me that they don't believe this information is reliable and therefore didn't report it to me or Vice President [Mike Pence],” Trump said.

He added that the New York Times article, which referred to Russia's ties with the Taliban, maybe “another fabricated hoax” on the subject of Russia, the purpose of which is “to make Republicans look bad.”

This is how Trump responded to the statement of Republican Senator Lindsey Graham that Congress must understand the essence of the accusations against Russia. “I expect the Trump administration to take such allegations seriously and immediately inform Congress of whether these reports are credible,” Graham wrote on June 27.

The NYT article was published on June 26. It claimed that information about the remuneration that the Russian military intelligence unit offered to militants for killing the US military and other countries that are part of the coalition in Afghanistan was obtained from captured extremists. The newspaper did not provide details of Russian operations. According to the publication, information about attacks on the military, organized by Russia, was reported to Trump.

The American leader criticized the newspaper and suggested that the article may be the result of someone's order. He also added that neither he nor Pence was informed about possible attacks that Russia organized. This was also stated in the White house. Information that the Russian side is related to the activities of the “Taliban”, also rejected the official representative of the movement.

The Russian Embassy in Washington said that after the publication, diplomatic representatives in the United States and Britain began to receive threats. In the Russian Foreign Ministry, the NYT material was called “a simple throw-in”.

On June 29, the Washington Post, citing anonymous sources, including a senior us official, reported that several us coalition soldiers were killed because of Russia's decision to offer a reward to militants in Afghanistan. At the same time, the interlocutors of the publication noted that it is unknown how many Americans or military personnel from other countries could have been killed.

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