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Chinese troops are pulled to the Indian border. Video

The Chinese army in the Kashmir region is strengthening a tank group capable of conducting an offensive.

China has deployed aircraft to the border with India, including j-20 stealth fighters, Z-20 helicopters, wing Loong II multifunctional drones, as well as Type 99A and Type 15 light tanks capable of fighting in high-altitude conditions. This was reported by the Chinese edition of the South China Morning Post.

In turn, the Reuters News Agency, citing satellite images of the American company Maxar Technologies, clarified that the Chinese military is building a new fortified camp on the line of control in Ladakh near the disputed state of Kashmir, parts of which are claimed by India, Pakistan, and China.

According to space survey data, tents have appeared on the territory controlled by the Chinese army, and construction of objects that were not there a week ago has begun.

Chinese troops are pulled to the Indian border. Video

Chinese soldiers are building a camp with machine-gun emplacements on the site where a Chinese observation post was previously destroyed by the Indian army.

The government of India, in turn, allowed border guards to open fire on targets in case of clashes with the Chinese on the line of control.

Recall that during the armed clashes between the border guards of India and China in the valley of the Galvan river, 20 soldiers from both sides were killed and more than 70 were injured.

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