Ben Shapiro: Seattle’s CHOP is all about slander and criticism of the system

Ben Shapiro: Seattle’s CHOP is all about slander and criticism of the system

Ben Shapiro on Monday in his show noted that protesters calling for the disbandment of police departments across the country faced the consequences of their ideas this weekend when as a result of a shootout in the SHOP zone in Seattle, one man was killed and two others were injured.

“Autonomous zones created in opposition to the“ evil ” police call the police as soon as they have a problem. Then they actually forbid the police to enter their territory, and they are blamed for this, ” the presenter said in his show.

The first incident on Saturday morning claimed the life of a 19-year-old guy, another was seriously injured. On Sunday, as a result of another shootout, a 17-year-old teenager was injured.

The Seattle Police Department released footage from officers who came to the CHOP zone on Saturday morning to report a shootout. The video captures an exasperated crowd wandering around the area with a weapon in their hands and shouting obscene language at the officers.

According to Shapiro, the ongoing violence proves that the imposition of restrictive measures on the police “actually has certain consequences.”

“Do not you think that many of these protests have nothing to do with the pursuit of some good goals for black people, but are held only to slander and criticize the system?” Asked Shapiro.

“In the beautiful, recently created, Pacific Asylum of CHAZ / CHOR in Seattle, they banned the police ... two people were shot ... but the main threat is the police who come to deal with their problem?” — continued Shapiro.

The presenter acknowledged that, of course, there is much that can be improved in the law enforcement system, but “the huge madness that leads people to support CHAZ ... does not contribute in any way to improving the lives of black Americans.”

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