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Germany sent hundreds of tons of nuclear waste to Russia on June 22

Germany sent hundreds of tons of nuclear waste to Russia on June 22

The new cargo was sent from Germany to Russia with hundreds of tons of nuclear waste on Monday, June 22. This is reported by DW.

According to the statement of the environmental public organization Ecodefense made on Tuesday, June 23, the freight train with 600 tons of radioactive waste from the Urenco uranium enrichment plant in the German city of Gronau went to Russia.

12 wagons with the waste generated during the enrichment of uranium during the production of fuel for nuclear power plants were sent to the Ural Electrochemical Plant, located in Novouralsk (Sverdlovsk Region). Information about when exactly the train will arrive in Russia is not specified. According to environmentalists, some containers with the waste were sent by truck to Amsterdam, where they were loaded onto the Mikhail Dudin ship, which will arrive at the port of Ust-Luga near St. Petersburg in early July.

According to the estimates of an environmental public organization, over three thousand tons of nuclear waste have been delivered to Russia since the beginning of 2020. So, the last cargo with 600 tons of waste arrived from Germany on June 15. Due to the fact that the validity of the permit for the export of uranium waste to Russia through the ports of the Netherlands has been extended until 2023, environmentalists fear that the transportation of nuclear waste to the country will continue in the coming years.

In 2019, the supply of uranium waste from Germany to Russia resumed. Despite the fact that Russian laws prohibit the import of nuclear waste into the country from abroad for storage or disposal, it is allowed to import nuclear materials for further enrichment with subsequent return to a foreign supplier. According to Ecoprotection, up to 98 percent of the volume of imported waste remains in Russia forever.

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