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Moscow declared the billionth US debt to the UN

There are obvious attempts by Washington to undermine the work of the world organization, according to the Russian Foreign Ministry.

Large US financial debt to the UN budget indicates attempts to undermine the organization. This is stated in a statement by the Russian Foreign Ministry, released on Sunday, October 13.

Russian diplomats recalled that the other day, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres announced a serious deterioration in the financial situation of the organization. As of October 9, more than 50 Member States, including the United States, have not paid contributions for the current year to the UN budget.

“It should be noted that the United States has been the main deadbeat lately. Their debt to the UN regular budget has already exceeded one billion dollars. There are obvious attempts by Washington to undermine the organization’s work: along with unpredictable and biased policies for issuing American visas to members of delegations, financial levers are also involved “, The Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

Moscow claims that Russia “is among the bona fide payers.”

“All financial obligations were timely fulfilled, and assessed contributions were paid in full. Moscow traditionally calls on other UN member states to budget self-discipline,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

Recall that the UN faced the largest financial crisis in the last 10 years. Starting October 14, the organization’s headquarters in New York will limit energy consumption, reduce the operating time of canteens, turn off some escalators, and save on transfers and security measures. Only for the payment of salaries to their UN staff requires 92 million dollars.

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