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Unusual laws of the USA and their explanations

Unusual laws of the USA and their explanations

This is our top list of the most ridiculous laws of the United States, at least in our opinion. How is it possible that some stupid laws like these still apply.

1. In Arizona, it is forbidden to hunt camels
Reason: The US Army once used camels as a draft force. Locals unfamiliar with military experiments considered bumpy animals to be a new species of wild animals and hunted them, thereby seriously damaging US defense. As a result, camels were dismissed from military service and now wild camels live in Alabama semi-deserts. Hunting them is still prohibited.

2. California banned baths
Reason: This law was established in the late 1980s when it was discovered that most homosexuals with AIDS became infected in public baths. A law was passed to stop the epidemic.

3. In the city of Los Angeles is forbidden to lick frogs
Reason: The law was passed after urban teens discovered that the skin of some frogs contains hallucinogens. Drug addicts caught frogs and carefully licked them, and the police could not do anything about it.

4. In Norko, the law prohibits residents from having rhinos
Reason: Norko, a city in Riverside County, California, USA, has the unofficial title of “City of Unusual Pets.” Residents of the city keep lizards, crocodiles, pigs in their homes, not to mention traditional dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, etc. Pets tend to run away from home sometimes. Once it happened to a rhino cub, which caused severe damage to local gardens and lawns.

5. In the city of Mobile, men are forbidden to howl like a wolf in public places
Reason: Once upon a time, a military unit was lodged in the city at the time it wore an image of a wolf on a sleeve chevron (this, in turn, is explained by a long history when the United States fought with the Indians, and reconnaissance units thus demonstrated their courage, caution, and strength). In the evenings, soldiers gathered in local bars and howled terribly, imitating wolves, which terribly annoyed the townspeople. The military base was closed, but the law remained.

6. In the same city, women are forbidden to wear stilettos
Reason: One stiletto woman stepped into the grate of the spillway and injured her leg. She considered that the municipality, which equipped the streets with such dangerous devices, was to blame, appealed to the court and won the case. As a result, in order to prevent similar lawsuits from appearing in the future, the city fathers considered it cheaper to pass a special law than to change the grilles.

7. In the city of Boulder, it is forbidden to put sofas on the porch of the house
Reason: The city has a large and very cheerful university. In 2003, US News & World Report magazine named this temple of science the best place for entertainment lovers. Students love to celebrate the victories of university athletes by making bonfires on city streets, which often leads to fires. Sofas are an ideal type of fuel.

8. In Florida, the doors of all buildings should only open outwards.
Reason: In case of fire, it is easier for people to run outside.

9. In Seaside, a white fence should be installed around all houses. Every home should have a beautiful porch.
Reason: The economy of the city is based on the tourism industry. Therefore, the municipality decided that such a design would create a “fairy tale town”, which would make it even more attractive for tourists.

10. Hawaii Prohibited Posters on Roads and Public Areas
Reason: Advertising should not stop tourists from enjoying Hawaiian landscapes.

11. Funeral demonstrations prohibited in Overland Park
Reason: The law was passed because of one man, a radical Christian, who regularly appeared at the funeral of homosexuals with posters that said that the deceased deserved to die, and God punished him.

12. In the state of Michigan, it is forbidden to throw octopuses in public places
Reason: Before the adoption of this law, during matches in which the Detroit Red Wings hockey team participated, fans threw octopuses on the ice. The tradition appeared in 1952 when the team needed to win all the remaining eight games in order to win the Stanley Cup. At the beginning of the first game, one of the fans threw an octopus on the ice — one foot for each game — and the Red Wings became champions.

13. In the states of New Jersey and Oregon, people cannot independently fill gasoline in a gas tank — a gas station employee should help them.
Reason: The law was passed a long time ago when many people (especially the elderly) did not know basic things, for example, that gasoline is explosive and it is better not to smoke during refueling. Gas station owners were afraid that their customers might blow up a gas station.

14. In the state of North Carolina, public organizations are forbidden to meet if their members are dressed in the same costumes.
Reason: The law was enacted to prevent the organization of gatherings of local Ku-Klux Klan activists who wear white hoodies.

15. In Memphis, beggars must obtain a “license” from the state (which costs $10) in order to be eligible to beg.
Reason: The law was passed to get rid of the crowds of beggars who occupied tourist attractions in the city center.

16. In Texas, men are not allowed to carry wire cutters.
Reason: In the days of the Wild West, crooks could steal cattle by cutting wire fences with wire cutters. Such thefts became so frequent that, in the end, they decided to ban the nippers themselves.

17. In West Virginia, students cannot attend school if they smell like onions
Reason: A certain kind of wild onion grows in the state, which has an extremely strong smell. The smell is felt even a few days after it is eaten.

18. In the same state, any animal hit by a car becomes the property of the driver of the car
Reason: The law was passed in order to save money on road cleaning. In addition, edible deer most often fall under the wheels of automobiles.

19. In the state of Washington, people who came to the state with the intent to commit a crime should first call the police and inform her about the existence of such plans.
Reason: The law was passed — quite seriously — to reduce the number of crimes. Residents of other countries and states who have committed a crime in the state of Washington are additionally charged with violation of this law.

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