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Why would the American policemen touch a stopped car's taillight?

Why would the American policemen touch a stopped car's taillight?

Serving in the US police is fraught with some additional difficulties that are not so pronounced in other countries of the world.

It is for this reason that local police are forced to do some “special actions”. One of these is the light touch with your fingers of the taillight on a car that has just been stopped.

The service in the American police is associated with an increased level of danger against the background of the legalization of firearms. For this reason, law enforcement officers have a number of special requirements, for example, in case of a car stop.

One of these odd requirements is to palm-touch one of the taillights of a vehicle that has just stopped. All this is not at all some kind of “sweet tradition”, but a very specific statutory requirement.

It appeared in those years when the police did not yet have DVRs. And in the cities and on the highway there were not numerous surveillance cameras.

The essence of this action is extremely simple — you need to leave your fingerprints on a car stopped on demand.

To do this is not necessary on the headlight, you can touch the body in another place. However, most police officers leave their fingerprints at the moment the car is stopped on the headlights or on the trunk lid.

Fingerprints, in turn, need to be left for your colleagues, as well as for the court, in case something happens to the policeman. For example, they will capture him, injure him, or even kill him.

In such a simple way, with a high degree of probability, it will be possible to prove that a law enforcement officer stopped this particular machine. Now, this technique is removed from the charter of the American police as unnecessary.

Despite this, the demand has already become a tradition. And the police continue to leave their fingerprints on every car that they had to stop.

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