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Coordinated Atlanta police strike

Coordinated Atlanta police strike

The events around the death of an African-American Raishard Brooks in Atlanta are developing dramatically.

District attorney Paul Howard has filed 11 charges against the police officer who shot Brooks. The incident occurred on June 12, when during the arrest, Brooks was able to break free and grab a stun gun from one of the police officers. Another COP shot him.

The case of Brooks has already been noted by activists of “Black Lives Matter”, who organized a pogrom at the scene of his death and burned down a nearby restaurant “Wendy's”.

Atlanta police officers are outraged by the Prosecutor's decision: they are confident in the right to react harshly to any violence against them. Atlanta mayor Keisha lance admitted that the morale of the local police is depressing.

In response to the actions of the Prosecutor's office, the police organize a coordinated strike. They massively take sick days off (this phenomenon was called the #blueflu-the color of the blue uniform).

Most areas of Atlanta are no longer patrolled by anyone, and police officers are only ready to go out on signals of an attack on their own colleagues.

The liberal public calls Prosecutor Howard's decision “a victory for civil society.” However, there is a more trivial explanation for this. Howard is currently under three criminal investigations-sexual harassment and corruption.

In particular, the Prosecutor pocketed funds from the city budget allocated for the fight against organized crime. Apparently, in order to earn a reputation and get the “inviolable” status of a fighter for civil rights, Howard decided to bring a showcase against the city police.

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