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Double hit on Trump

Double hit on Trump

In addition to ongoing anti-racist protests and anti-police protests here and there, the US Supreme Court, controlled by a conservative majority, dealt a double blow to Donald Trump.

At first, the court recognized the rights of employees — representatives of LGBT people, guaranteed by federal law, which the White House administration did not agree with, arguing that guaranteeing rights did not extend to sexual orientation.

And today, the court ruled in favor of the DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) program, which allows children of immigrants they brought to the United States to live and work in the country. The program was launched at the time by Barack Obama, and the Trump administration wanted to close it in 2017.

In fact, the Supreme Court has hit two key issues of the Trump administration’s domestic policy — the protection of the rights of sexual minorities and migration policy.

In addition, in the past 3 days, the information space is torn from the revelations of former national security adviser John Bolton, whose book is being prepared for publication in the United States next week.

Not only does it describe many unpleasant things about Donald Trump and his style of government, so the administration itself has also dispersed interest in it, trying to put Bolton to publish a book and sue him.

Trump has already managed to call Bolton a “liar” whom everyone “hated” in the White House and who “was not needed by anyone, and I gave him a chance,” accusing his former adviser of deceit, fraud, and mediocrity.

In response, Bolton gave an interview to one of the American television channels, telling all kinds of anecdotal facts about Trump, and fragments from Bolton’s book, which talked about Trump and Xi Jinping’s talks, his intention to leave NATO, his attitude to journalists and limited knowledge, flew into the media. World geography and politics.

How much this is all true is unknown. However, the scandal surrounding Bolton's book, which broke out largely due to the reaction of the White House itself, overshadowed two important informational occasions for Trump — the police reform, the decree of which the president signed on Tuesday, and attempts to overcome the racial prejudices that Trump spoke about recently. But he hasn’t brought specifics yet.

Meanwhile, the gap between Biden and Trump is already 13-15% according to almost all polls. Of course, it’s too early to talk about the outcome of the elections on the basis of these data, but the trend for the US president is unpleasant so far.

5 months before the election.

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