White America was forced to vote for Trump

“The Lawless States of America” — this title of one of the articles devoted to the riots in the United States, very clearly reflects what is happening. What was initially at least partially a protest against the injustice done to George Floyd finally turned into a protest against law and order. A protest in which the rights of law-abiding citizens are trampled into the mud by the adherents of militant political correctness-the African-American minority, as well as the carriers of left-liberal ideas who have joined it.

The symbol of this lawlessness was not only Seattle (where protesters took over the city center and declared an “Autonomous zone” there), but also Atlanta, where on June 12 another African-American man, Rashard Brooks, was shot dead and where a crowd of people took to the streets to demand “justice and punishment of the killer” through the pogroms of shops and violence against citizens.

According to tradition, local authorities sided with the protesters and rioters and condemned the murder of a black man. “It could have been one of us. Our brother, our child. Someone's father, as in this case, “ said Atlanta Mayor Keisha lance bottoms.

If one of Ms. bottoms ' four children would actually behave like Mr. Brooks, then perhaps the mayor of Atlanta needs to think about whether she is raising her offspring correctly. After all, if the death of drug addict and repeat offender George Floyd (death, recall, from the effects of alcohol and drugs) is partly the fault of police officer Derek Chauvin, who used excessive violence to Floyd and prevented him from breathing, then in Atlanta there was a completely different situation.

Police officer Garrett Rolfe, who shot Rayshard Brooks, was absolutely right both from the point of view of morality and from the point of view of the law. We will remind, Brooks not only resisted arrest, but he also took the Taser from the police, turned around on the run, and tried to shoot one of them. According to the decision of the Supreme court, a police officer has the right to shoot a suspect to kill if he believes (precisely believes, based on his own judgment) that the suspect is a threat to him or to other citizens.

But district attorney Paul Howard somehow doubts that the shooting man was a threat to the health of the police officer and others. Chief of police Erica shields, apparently, does not doubt, so she actually admitted the guilt of her employee and resigned less than 24 hours after the incident (Rolf himself, of course, was fired, and his partner was suspended from operational work). Now the mayor, the Prosecutor, and the former police chief need to cry on their knees before another Golden coffin to complete the picture.

This is no longer a democracy. This is pure Orwell's barnyard, where “all animals are equal, but some are more equal than others.”

White will answer

Yes, now African-American activists are happy. They write about the” great awakening”, that the Black Lives Matter movement has received support from many white Americans who now recognize that racism exists in the United States.

However, the problem is that other people are also awakening. The oppressed and discriminated white majority. Those who previously viewed positive discrimination against African-American as an inevitable evil, or even as a kind of deferred justice. With the example of Atlanta, Seattle, and many other cities in America, they saw what this positive discrimination and an atmosphere of constant repentance leads to. To violence, violation of the law — and the lack of need to answer for these violations. To mass pogroms and plunder of capitalist property — and support for robbers and rapists by “politically correct” local authorities. Sending the President to six funny letters — to the bunker-after his call to the mayor of Seattle and the Governor of Washington state to restore order on the streets and deal with the” homegrown terrorists “ who have taken over part of the city.

A huge number of Americans do not like what is happening, but how can they Express their protest? They cannot go to rallies because they will immediately be branded as racists and Nazis, which will make it difficult for them to continue their life in the conditions of militant political correctness. They cannot express their point of view on the pages of the media and start at least some public dialogue about the unacceptability of bestial behavior of African — Americans and the left-liberal schizophrenia that has joined them-after all, this most liberal schizophrenia controls the media.

In fact, the only way for opponents of lawlessness and the reigning “animal farm” in the States to protest is to go to the polls in November and vote against those who support this yard. Against the Democratic party, whose left-liberal ideas are the basis of the current pogroms, and whose electorate arranges these pogroms. Vote for Donald Trump, who — for all his eccentricities and mistakes, for all the violation of American traditions of self-government and the desire to control traditionally independent States-has become the personification of law and order.

And if there are not complete idiots sitting in the trump headquarters, then they will certainly use these sentiments. They will be promoted during a public campaign in late summer and early fall, and they will be escalated during the debate between Biden (who actually justified the pogroms) and trump. If Biden does take a left-wing candidate for Vice President, then add to the case and the statements of this left-wing candidate (who-if he is any significant figure among the left-wing Democrats-necessarily in words, too, fell howling to the Golden coffin). They will mobilize the white electorate and bring it to the polls, ensuring a second presidential term for Donald Trump.

And responsible Democrats, by the way, should pray that this happens. So in 2020, waking up “angry white people” will have the opportunity to choose trump. After all, if Biden wins with a left-wing Vice President (who, given Biden's health, may well become President in a year or two), the risks to the American system will increase dramatically. At best, the current pogroms will be ignored, at worst — glorified, which (against the background of the failure of the Democrats to solve the racial issue in the United States and force the African-American community to respect the law) will lead to even greater radicalization of the white majority. And, accordingly, the consolidation of them around another, much more right-wing than trump, the candidate. A candidate with real far-right ideas. And then the American elites will really see the flashes of civil war on their political horizon.

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Your gaps in the facts reflect your ignorance about the black experience in this world. But thanks for your input. It is your right to say what you think. You do think, right?

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