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Boris Johnson got into an accident

Boris Johnson got into an accident

The car with the British prime minister had an accident in central London. The incident occurred due to the fact that a Kurdish rally participant ran out onto the road.

In the center of London, the UK, Prime Minister Boris Johnson got into an accident. This was announced by the official representative of the Prime Minister’s Office on Wednesday, June 17.

“The prime minister was in the car, no one was hurt,” said the speaker.

Eyewitnesses claim that the driver of the car in which the prime minister was located had to brake sharply after a participant in a Kurdish rally ran out onto the road.

Then the security car following the prime minister’s car came across her, slightly squeezing the bumper. The culprit of the accident was detained by law enforcement officers.

Recall that earlier Elizabeth II allowed Johnson to play sports in the palace. The British Prime Minister now has access to the sports grounds of the Royal Palace, as he continues to regain his health after having been ill with a coronavirus.

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