A building collapses in the USA, about 20 injured and deceased

During the collapse of the hotel under construction, there were more than a hundred workers nearby

Earlier in the USA, a powerful explosion destroyed a shopping center, and now a high-rise building collapsed at a construction site in the center of New Orleans, where a new hotel was being built.

It is reported by CNN.

As it became known, at the time of the collapse, more than 100 workers were at the construction site. As a result, one of them died. In addition, there are still reports of 18 victims who were immediately taken to hospitals — most escaped with minor injuries.

At the same time, Tim McConnell, the head of the New Orleans fire department, said two more workers remained under the rubble and even knew their whereabouts. Rescuers believe that they are alive, but they are not visually visible.

Local authorities say the building remains unstable, and fear that another collapse will occur.

Several nearby city blocks were closed because the crane attached to the building was unstable and could also collapse. Authorities evacuated several nearby buildings and suspended tram traffic in the area.

“Our biggest fear right now is the crane. It weighs a few tons,” McConnell emphasized.

As previously reported, in July a powerful explosion razed a residential building in the US state of North Carolina. Under the ruins of the building, a woman died. But her husband managed to pull out alive. Despite serious injuries, he was able to reach rescuers and call for help.

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