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The People's Republics. A new wave of protests in the United States

In Atlanta, police shot and killed an African American, and in Seattle, protesters in Seattle protesters took several quarters and declared them an “autonomous zone.”

Protests in the United States amid the fight against racism continue. It has already reached the creation of pseudo-national republics. In Seattle, Washington, demonstrators even created a police-free autonomous zone. But Donald Trump blames the media for some reason.

The Murder in Atlanta

In Atlanta, Georgia, a police officer shot and killed African-American citizen Rayshard Brooks, 27. He fell asleep in his car outside Wendy's fast-food restaurant. Locals reported this to the police as his car was interfering with other cars driving up to the restaurant. Upon arriving at the scene, two police officers conducted an alcohol test and found that Brooks was not sober.

The man was tried to detain, but he resisted. The police wanted to use a stun gun, but Brooks snatched him out and started running. The cops ran after him. During the chase, Brooks pointed a taser at one of the police officers. He fired the shot. Brooks was wounded and died in hospital. One of the cops was also injured, he was treated.

Of course, the incident triggered protests in Atlanta. Protesters blocked a major highway downtown, stopping traffic on it for 45 minutes. Protesters also set fire to a Wendy's restaurant, near which Brooks was fatally wounded.

In dispersing the protesters, police used tear gas and light-noise grenades, detaining 36 people.

Brooks' family lawyer Chris Stewart said the victim was the father of four children and was killed after his daughter's birthday party. The lawyer also noted that in Georgia, the taser is not considered a lethal weapon and called for charges to be brought against the policeman who shot the man for "unjustified use of lethal force, which amounts to murder.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation has opened an investigation into the incident. Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms said she believes a police officer misused firearms in Brooks' arrest. The policeman was fired. His partner, who was involved in the arrest, was suspended from duty. Erica Shields, head of Atlanta PD, resigned.

The Seattle Autonomous Zone

Seattle has become a major protest center in general. Police left the East Seattle precinct building near Capitol Hill after prolonged clashes with street protesters. The inscription above the entrance was changed by the protesters to read “Seattle People's (instead of Police) Department”.

Activists called the occupied space “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone” (CHAZ). Another version of the name is “Capitol Hill Organized Protest” (CHOP).

Most of the businesses in this area have closed. The catering facilities are still operating.

USA Today notes that since the area is not controlled by the police, city officials have discussed with protesters the problems of garbage disposal, sewage, and emergency services.

U.S. President Donald Trump called on Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan and Washington State Governor Jay Inseley to put things in order. Durkan advised Trump to return to the bunker under the White House.

What does Trump say

Donald Trump said the American media are deliberately ignoring the protests in Seattle.

“Does anybody notice how little discussion of a left-wing radical takeover of Seattle? It is done intentionally,” Trump said. The head of state added that the silence in Washington state has strong political influence.

Earlier Trump said that Seattle had been seized by internal terrorists and the city was ruled by “radical left-wing democrats.

The protests are hitting Trump's rating hard. Recent public opinion polls show that only 33% of Americans approve of the president's actions during the riots. 57% of respondents said they considered them inadequate.

The sharp fall in his own election ratings just five months before voting day seems to have seriously worried the US President. This week Trump's election headquarters announced the resumption of mass public actions by supporters of the White House head, despite the coronavirus, after a three-month break.

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