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Kim Jong-un makes sister a world “star”

Kim Jong-un makes sister a world “star”

The two Koreas are again close to a war that could easily become nuclear. Pyongyang usually goes over to the language of threats and ultimatums, when food runs out in the country again, but this time the reason for the sharp aggravation of the situation on the peninsula may be different. A new player enters the arena of international politics — Kim Yoo-Jung, sister of Kim Jong-un, and the Valkyrie of the Juche regime.

“Our invincible revolutionary army will carry out an act of retaliation for insulting our people, which has never been so outraged before.”

It is difficult to interpret this message in the central newspaper of the DPRK Rodong Sinmun otherwise than as a promise of an early war with its southern neighbor. Moreover, on the eve of the first deputy head of the department for agitation and propaganda of the ruling Labor Party, Kim Yo Jung promised the “enemy” in the person of Seoul the “next step” that will be taken by the armed forces:

“Using the power given to me by the top leader, our party, and the country, I ordered the department for relations with the enemy to decisively take the next step.”

Thus, the two countries, which had recently embarked on the path of national reconciliation, were again on the verge of war. Any cooperation between them has frozen a week ago, all communication channels were blocked, including a special line for communication between top officials. And now Pyongyang uses unprecedentedly harsh rhetoric even by its own, North Korean standards.

But it is not so important what and how it was said. More important is the figure of the one who said all this.

Kim Yo Jeong is the sister of Kim Jong-un, his closest adviser, and special envoy. It is believed that she is responsible for the personality cult of the head of state and is the second most influential person in the most closed country in the world, which is largely based on family ties: brother and sister studied together in Switzerland and, being limited in contacts with the outside world, are used to trust each other.

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