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Shares in London and Paris escalated into riots. Video

Shares in London and Paris escalated into riots. Video

Police detain over 100 protesters in London

At anti-racist protests in the capitals of Britain and France, clashes of demonstrators with the police took place.

In Paris and London on Saturday, June 13, large-scale protests against racism and police violence took place.

According to the BFM channel, about three thousand people came to Republic Square in the French capital.

Most protesters held posters with the slogan Black lives matter, as well as condemning the work of the police.

They also called for an investigation into the death of Adam Traore, a black Frenchman who died two hours after being detained by the gendarmes in July 2016 under still unknown circumstances.

During the demonstration, a group of people in black clothes and with hidden faces rioted, throwing stones and bottles at the police. In response, law enforcement officers used tear gas.

During the demonstration, 26 people were detained.

Also, riots and clashes with the police ended the action against racism in Marseille.

In London, in parallel with the main protest, a speech by right-wing extremist groups took place, which grew into riots and clashes with the police. They gathered under the pretext of the need to protect the statue of the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Winston Churchill, from left-wing protesters.

Demonstrators threw bottles and smoke bombs at police.

As a result of the clashes, 15 people were injured, six of them required hospitalization. Scotland Yard reported that six law enforcement officers received minor injuries.

More than 100 people were detained for violating public order, including using violence, assaulting police officers, possession of weapons for assault, possession of drugs, being drunk, and rioting.

Protests in London

Recall that a wave of protests swept in the United States due to the death in Minneapolis of an African American George Floyd during police detention. In several cities, stocks grew into riots, acts of vandalism, arson, and robbery.

Residents of a number of the largest cities in Europe joined in the shares.

In Brussels, a protest rally grew into pogroms.

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